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Hello creatures! Welcome to my blog! Fell free to hover around =) Well, do LEAVE if you dont like my blog. Constructive criticisms are highly appreciated. Dont forget to leave a tag!
I wish to be great someday. I am 20 on 12102015.
Prefers being ignorant. Likes food, green, freedom, privacy, music...... click this.


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Sunday, May 12, 2013 @ 5:27 PM
Hello =)
I started my six form school life last wednesday. Its fun and I really do enjoy my back-to-school life.

These days, I just realised that adoration is different from love. =)
And I have a confession to make here and to share with you, my lovely reader.
He has captured my heart. He loves me who I am, not what I can bring to him.
"I loved you until it hurts me, until our love was consumed by your pride and rage. The thing you called love made me disappear. So I had stop loving you. You will ache less if you accept that what we shared is in the past. Things are not the way they were. If you love me, you must find it in your soul to let me go on as I must."
Sometimes the order of things gets mixed up in my head. I will admit, I don't remember long stretches of time I have spent alone, but I can remember every first glimpse of your face, every kiss on your lips, every memory I have ever made with you.
I am hre with you, I love you, no matter what.

"Will you always find me?"
"Yes. Always. No matter what."

This is the song that I would liketo share with you.
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