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Sunday, November 29, 2009 @ 10:11 PM
crazy about kpop!!!& chinese tag
1.我的大名 : 黄翊慈

2.我的生日 : 10月12日

3.說出五個好朋友 : candal, rou, kai li, xin yi, heng yi

5.生日想要得到什麼禮物 : whatever

6.近期開心的是 :get gold medal in competition

7.近期壓力大的是 : nothing

8.未來想做什麼: 药剂师?

9.有沒有喜歡的人 : 有

10.同學會要回去找老師嗎 : sure

11.跟誰出去最幸福 : friend

12.如果你的兩個好友吵架了 : act like ntg happen

13.跟情人出去最想去哪 :dnt know

14.聖誕節要做啥 : on9& write blog

15.最想跟誰過聖誕節 :family

16.有沒有起床气 : apa ni?

17.有幾個兄弟姐妹 : 1姐,1弟

18.最喜歡的一首歌(女生的) :Only Hope- Mandy Moore

19.最喜歡的一首歌(男生的) : Mirotic-DBSK

20.喜歡什麼顏色 :black

21.上廁所會不會先沖水 : 廢話

22.愛不愛我 : ??

23.喜歡男生還是女生 : you say leh

24.最想大聲說什麼 : boring la!!!

25.半夜敢不敢自己上廁所 : i wont go toilet in the midnight la

26.上廁所會不會脫褲褲 : ofcourse

27.誰很欠打 : XXXXXXXX

28.現在很迷什麼 :SS501

29.睡相很差 : apa ni?

30.現在的時間 : 2233
32.體重多少 : 40kg

33.今天天氣 : very hot

34.你懷孕了嗎 : nope!!!

35.你若中樂透最想做什么 : play game

36.大學生一定要玩的活動 : ??

37.如果能為彩虹添加一種顏色 你選:black

38.你覺得友情是真心的么: nope





4.heng yi

5.xin yi




9.ee min




03-【 8號的興趣是】:gossip



06-【10號人緣好嗎】:ok la

07-【4號有人追嗎】:i think have

08-【承上2號呢】:apa ni?

09-【6號 喜歡的顏色是】:dnt know

10-【3號和10號是 友嗎】:not


12-【 5號讀哪呢】:chung ling

13-【你怎麼認識10號的】 :skul


15-【 你和9號有出去玩過嗎】:no

16-【你喜歡 2號聊天嗎】:ya

17-【你喜歡和3號在一起嗎】:ok la


hyun jong said listen to love like this 3 times will find your new gf of bf

i always sleep nowasays... to tired since cameback from genting...

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Friday, November 27, 2009 @ 2:37 PM
光华电子新闻 | 赴云顶参加管弦乐队赛 巴士翻覆日新国中40师生幸无恙
光华电子新闻 赴云顶参加管弦乐队赛 巴士翻覆日新国中40师生幸无恙
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@ 2:33 PM
on sunday, 22nov, i take part in penang bridge marathon. hahax i finished in 1 hour and 40 min..didn't sleep on saturday nite at all. Sunday evening, i go for piano class. till sunday night,10pm i only sleep.(photo of penang marahton i will post on next post)

2009 de

2008 de

monday, 23nov, wake up on 5.30am. reach skul on 6.15am, 6.45 we meet and go for 21世纪国际艺术节 that held on genting international convention centre(GICC). on the way, we take lunch at a shop at Batang Kali that call Mr Sotong. After that, on the way of moutain of genting, 铜管的bas B terbalik....
Reach genting晚上,齐奏比赛..i sleep on 1.30am that night  (cause my hair cnt dry out in the place so cold and rain)

tuesday, 24nov. 6.00 morning call. morning 小组, from afternoon, i rehearsel and 4.45pm, i 比赛..
in that night, have a friendship concert in Grand Ballroom.. What is the fame detention of the show??
sms with min choo that time (we are in the hall that time, but i dnt noe where she sit). that night, we know that A team of JSCO get 国际荣誉金牌奖!!!

wednesday, 25nov. a lot kind of workshop that day.  i go 4 shopping that evening. till 8pm, closing ceremony held on Grand ballroom. JSCO get 3荣誉金, 6 gold and 1 silver..we also get 全场总冠军.the dance of NUT skul from singapore so great!!!

thursday, 26nov. wake up at 5.30am. 6.45 our xing li broad on bus. i went to shop again.  Heng Yi ask me go sunway watch Twilight Saga: New Moon!!! How can i go??? 3pm, we say goodbye to genting..

(further stuff eg.photo... i will edit this post)

hanging this card all the day to everywhere....

[edie on nov28]
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Friday, November 20, 2009 @ 10:52 PM
first time
yesterday, is my first time lepak in skul!!! so scare  and worry that time...
candal too...........
sien nia..
bcz, to day is my first day ponteng from skul..
new moon will be in Malaysia on 26th   T_T


Stephine Meyer
Robert Pattinson
i wont update blog till genting competition finish....
going 4 penang bridge marahton tmr..
hope i can run more than last year(almost half)
came out with new blog skin
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Sunday, November 15, 2009 @ 11:58 AM
Heading OST
Oh no!!! Heading toThe Ground's Original Sound Track that sing by SNSD is so nice!!!!!!!!!!

so sien la!!!!     -______________-

Taeyang-weding dress...candal have it..T_T
I would argue

Then you would cry

As you’re struggling, I would only get stronger

My heartaches behind these shadows

My face brightens up as I see your smile

I worry that you might notice my feelings

And I get scared that the gap between us would widen

I hold my breath

Then I bite my lips

Then I pray that she would leave his side.

Baby, please don’t hold those hands

Cuz you should be my lady

Please look at me, I’ve been waiting all this time.

Once the music ends, you’ll be with him forever

I prayed and prayed that this day wouldn’t come

The wedding dress you once wore

The wedding dress you once wore

The wedding dress you once wore

You, who never understood my feelings

Because of that, I ended up despising you

Then I wished a misfortune upon you

But now, my eyes are dry

I try to talk to you but I realized that I’m alone

Every night, I would look back and think

If I already knew the results

Then I close my eyes

Then I dream an endless dream

Then I pray she would leave his side.

Baby, please don’t hold those hands

Cuz you should be my lady

Please look at me, I’ve been waiting all this time.

Once the music ends, you’ll be with him forever

I prayed and prayed that this day wouldn’t come

The wedding dress you once wore

The wedding dress you once wore

The wedding dress you once wore

By all means, be happy with him

So I can move on

Please erase me out of your heart

Although I tried my best but, no oh~

I’ve been living the lies for too long

Yet, she would look at me and smile.

yeah...i dunno what to share here dy la..
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Thursday, November 12, 2009 @ 10:57 PM
juz came home
crazying...my mind only have the song that we want to competition...
today is the day 4 parents take results..sien nia..cant go back home cause got lian xi untill 9.30pm
i saw this in facebook , post by cds

very funny  =P

hahax..SHINee RIng Ding Dong

this whole week i wakil..hahax..not need to shang ke..but the other fren play killer...
my hand so pain la!!!!!!!!!!!!!!pain untill like want to die le...
just a few more day we are going genting for competition..very nervous la..

Happy 23th Birthday to TOP...

i will gonna be 3A2 next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Saturday, November 07, 2009 @ 9:54 PM
Yes Sir!!
I just watched Yes Sir! 1!!!!
quite nice...
Thomas&Jack also got axt in this movie....
haiz..i did bad in my school exam la!!!!!
level rank is 53/582 !!!!!
Si Yan became 1/582 again this year...
Next year I will be at 3A2 la..goodbye, 2A1...
candal get 108...T_T, cant same class with her next year
so bad la!!!
i want LG newchocolate!!!

yes sir de zu ti qu...

tai yang yu by thomas jack, very nice!!
sui nia..my eye bengkak since yesterday...
luckily it didn't pain la....

sorry that this post quite short....

* why i cant be same class with my best friends??? LUCKILY I NOT IN THE FREAKING A1!!!
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