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Saturday, March 27, 2010 @ 7:44 PM

Everything is just happen in such short time…

Did all for you turning off your light during earth hour tonight?

I am back again. This time I am sharing picture about lightning. And I also try to find some picture about 10 places that is extinguished soon. Those places is really awesome. Very very…. Let’s see.

Maldive Islands

Naulkuft Park

Battery(no images found)


Bayan Ulgii

Lot Valley

London Thames


Lllinios(no images found)

Kakadu Wetland

Can’t believe that those places are extinguished very very soon due to climate changes!!! Does human really care about this??? I am doing maths right now...really sucks....reading night world no.1 about 2 inch tebal...Special thanks to Kei and dal dal for the present.

Fireflies-- Owl city.

P/s: Who else having plurk please add me(the hotmail email address), thanks. ^^

God bless you….


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Tuesday, March 16, 2010 @ 9:45 PM
Happy holiday~~
Special thanks for Chian Chee. But how can Candal name become 蜡烛? Hahax~~

Happy holiday to everyone. But my holiday just one and a half day. T_____________T Start tomorrow, I having activity for JSCO (Actually today have too, I get up late, so didn’t go) from 8am to 9pm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sigh. However, please don’t ask me about my class test 1 result. I did very badly. here 3A2 students, check out here.

i have no idea right now. bye~

it is awesome..i watched last saturday via CC hp.

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