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I wish to be great someday. I am 20 on 12102015.
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Saturday, July 31, 2010 @ 7:48 PM
This is the second (or third? I already forget….) post about my class, 3A2. Recently, we gossip about Zhi Ning and Zhe Chang. On Thursday, someone cut some picture from Star paper and edited them. Quite creative and make our class full of laughter. One of the funniest was the picture of Liew Daren won and wrote there:” yes! 你终于肯嫁给我了!” (1st hand edited. The picture post here was already 2nd hand edited. ) A Russian athlete pouring water on her face to cool down thinking:” Yeah~! 我终于要和zhe zhang结婚啦!~ Yeah…………………….”, and saying :” Calm down, I need to calm down………..~~~~~~~”. Almost all the pictures are edited by WYM (of course not me, because I am not such creative.) and the comic is edited by SS.

sub of photo one~

Source of Zhe Zhang. He discovered this and share with us yesterday.

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Sunday, July 25, 2010 @ 6:03 PM
First of all, I didn’t update because I am super busy. And due to lazyness. Third, I can’t go online frequently. Finally, I update again. Went 3D movie Despicable Me, with Yee Shien, Heng Yi, Khai En, YuJing, Sareeka and Mey Che. I love the yellow man very much. Just imagine what you feel when you are floating in outer space. We bought a cute bear in Living Cabin as Khai En birthday’s present. Khai En leave too early and missed the funniest part in the movie. We end up that day at Sushi King. Feel sorry to Heng Yi because my dad arrive quite early that day, so we went back early….T___T I have something to tell someone here. Hope youcan see this. I get mad because of you. Patient has its limit. I just hope you won’t do that again. May be I am the one who will give up first. Please don’t lying to me, thanks.

Cheers ^^
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