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Hello creatures! Welcome to my blog! Fell free to hover around =) Well, do LEAVE if you dont like my blog. Constructive criticisms are highly appreciated. Dont forget to leave a tag!
I wish to be great someday. I am 20 on 12102015.
Prefers being ignorant. Likes food, green, freedom, privacy, music...... click this.


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Thursday, October 06, 2011 @ 10:23 AM
between the clouds and the sky
Your graduation is just around the corner. I guess we will not meet again after you graduate. I just hope you won't forget me and our friendship will last ling. Do keep in touch. ^^
As the form 5 graduation approaches, means I must say goodbye to my beloved friends. I will miss Min Choo and Jia Yi for most. Imagine the life without them,it should be dull. =(
Switch to my life now. happy, sad, disappointing, glad............ that's what my life. I think that should be everyone's. sometimes, you really can't force yourself into something that you don't like...
well, Eric asked me to join a camp. I was just thinking to go. =D

I wanna watch this ><
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