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Friday, November 27, 2009 @ 2:33 PM
on sunday, 22nov, i take part in penang bridge marathon. hahax i finished in 1 hour and 40 min..didn't sleep on saturday nite at all. Sunday evening, i go for piano class. till sunday night,10pm i only sleep.(photo of penang marahton i will post on next post)

2009 de

2008 de

monday, 23nov, wake up on 5.30am. reach skul on 6.15am, 6.45 we meet and go for 21世纪国际艺术节 that held on genting international convention centre(GICC). on the way, we take lunch at a shop at Batang Kali that call Mr Sotong. After that, on the way of moutain of genting, 铜管的bas B terbalik....
Reach genting晚上,齐奏比赛..i sleep on 1.30am that night  (cause my hair cnt dry out in the place so cold and rain)

tuesday, 24nov. 6.00 morning call. morning 小组, from afternoon, i rehearsel and 4.45pm, i 比赛..
in that night, have a friendship concert in Grand Ballroom.. What is the fame detention of the show??
sms with min choo that time (we are in the hall that time, but i dnt noe where she sit). that night, we know that A team of JSCO get 国际荣誉金牌奖!!!

wednesday, 25nov. a lot kind of workshop that day.  i go 4 shopping that evening. till 8pm, closing ceremony held on Grand ballroom. JSCO get 3荣誉金, 6 gold and 1 silver..we also get 全场总冠军.the dance of NUT skul from singapore so great!!!

thursday, 26nov. wake up at 5.30am. 6.45 our xing li broad on bus. i went to shop again.  Heng Yi ask me go sunway watch Twilight Saga: New Moon!!! How can i go??? 3pm, we say goodbye to genting..

(further stuff eg.photo... i will edit this post)

hanging this card all the day to everywhere....

[edie on nov28]
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