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Saturday, October 24, 2009 @ 9:45 PM
blah blah blah...
huh,..already one week i din't post on blog already...
on the night of sunday (18/10), i met my two long lost friend at my ex-babysiter house which din't contact each other about 3 years already..
we gossip each other that day, share things, talk about our studies and boyfriend...

esther, 16, a pretty beautiful girl, studying in convent 修道院, penang.

beat ricebeatrice, 18, taking foundation in MAHSA.


on monday morning, my sister break a "kampung" egg and found a chicken that not fully formed and have two eye ball inside it!!

on wednesday, i finish reading Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix, Harry is not liar...stupid umbrella Umbridge finally leave Hogwarts..haha...Voldemort also turn out
Sirius Black was killed by Bellatrix...


thursday, Pn. Tan Min Min give us a housework >>>
count how much you spend your parents money one month!!!
i found==
It is so...so...so...[dunno how to say]

today, I finish reading Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince..
Dumbledore killed by idiot, stupid Severous Snape..

Change topic..
Today's ko-kurrikulum quite tired
Chian Chee share MV that ahe recorded by her camera with me..
kai li, qian ning and me are taking part in cpmpetition at genting next month..
need stay back on Monday and Wednesday till 9.30pm!!!
I hope i wont fall sick that time..

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kinda boring... hah... tired!!!!!!!! hahahaaa................ shit school library birthday!! =p heading to the ground episod1- part 1/6 Gee~~~~~ lol......

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