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Saturday, November 07, 2009 @ 9:54 PM
Yes Sir!!
I just watched Yes Sir! 1!!!!
quite nice...
Thomas&Jack also got axt in this movie....
haiz..i did bad in my school exam la!!!!!
level rank is 53/582 !!!!!
Si Yan became 1/582 again this year...
Next year I will be at 3A2 la..goodbye, 2A1...
candal get 108...T_T, cant same class with her next year
so bad la!!!
i want LG newchocolate!!!

yes sir de zu ti qu...

tai yang yu by thomas jack, very nice!!
sui nia..my eye bengkak since yesterday...
luckily it didn't pain la....

sorry that this post quite short....

* why i cant be same class with my best friends??? LUCKILY I NOT IN THE FREAKING A1!!!
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