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Saturday, February 13, 2010 @ 5:26 PM

Our form maths genius --- Gelard –the one who is wearing spec


On Monday, I saw Min Choo’ s mum car waiting for her ( I am crazy right? This also want to type here. Actually NO! ) The point is Min Choo is staying back on that day. I think this is the Third time Min Choo’s mum waiting for her but she is staying back for IT.

Salah satu Jit Sin school rules: your fingernails must not longer than 2mm, your socks cannot wear very low and your spec cannot too fancy ( we actually don’t know what is the 标准 one) siao one right!?! I hate these rules!!!! The prefects also break these rules but they ‘catch’ us for breaking these rules!!! Damn it!!! How come the idiot discipline teacher didn’t take any action? (The discipline teacher also one!)

The one some more pek chek! On Wednesday JSCO activity, our 团长 ask the one who can’t attend activity because of 补习 to stay back after 列队. I need to stay back too(because on Thursday I need to attend piano’s theory class. ) She said:“现在因为去补习而不能来活动的人有这样多(only 8 people, ok!!!),所以老师说既然你们不能配合乐团,就退出这个乐团。你们的父母要你们去补习,所以我给你们时间和你们的父母沟通和商量,新年后的第一个星期三给我答复。”I really freak out that time. What they want is want us to be perfect!! --- 100% 出席率, good school result, good水准…. But they don’t want us to go补习!!! CC said:“退出嘛退出咯!我们退出后看他们去哪里找人上比赛和音乐会!”

On Thursday, ZX, fishy and Hen Lik don’t know why提到 D, and then 迁连到我!! So sui nia.. They keep on ask me one question! (不方便to write the question here) I hate it!!! On the same day, I have fever on the evening, so I din go school on Friday. Lox~~ why I so sui and sick a few day before Chinese New Year?

^^^ fingernails for CNY??

SNSD new release song---Oh!



Happy Chinese New Year!!!

P/S: I just find out that this skin can't view properly via internet explorer, so, i am editing new skin...

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