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Wednesday, January 13, 2010 @ 5:09 PM
no tittle
how must i start?
from last tuesday, 5th jan...
when i stay back that day, i found out actually heartbreaker is like that...>>>>>>>>>>>>
"hey you finally
is this what you wait for
brand new GD
a mobile for myself
you're my heartbreaker
on that day morning..kong zhao zhen choose me to become treasurer!!!!!!!wtf wtf wtf!!!!!
okok..calm dowm...dont blame him...wed....first ttn and first JSCO activity on 2010..hope everything will be come very very soon.......on sat, i bring camera to school...we share a classroom with cello....so i take this ji hui to take xin rou(F5) cello photo

on sun..secret recipe again.....very very sienz........
qian ning is leaving malaysia on 1st feb to XXXXXXXXX....
lox....T____________T....today, i fell asleep on moral and science period...i am very teruk right?? recently(actually yesterday)..i start training for lompat tinggi....lox..my perform so bad!!!!!i will try to do better next week...

Happy Birthday to my dear chian chee 15th birthday on 12th jan!!!

i feel that i wanna quiz this blog liao lo~~~~~~

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